• What is ElfGems?
    ElfGems is a tool for creating sprite sheets from 3D models.
  • Why do you need it?
    To create a sprite sheet from a 3D model you have to render the model. You can render it in a 3D editor or use ElfGems. If you decide to use a 3D editor you have following technical difficulties:
    • a good 3D editor is expensive and requires special knowledge;
    • it takes a lot of time to render multiple sprites - you cannot quickly re-render all sprites if you decide to change a small thing in a 3D model;
    • you have to pack sprites manually in most cases or you have to develop a lot of scripts.
  • There are another tools which creates sprite sheets. Why do I need ElfGems?
    Yes, there are other tools but:
    • some of them are obsolete or work with rare 3D formats which require special tools;
    • most of them are targeted only to game developers and it is hard to use them in web development;
    • most of them pack too fatly;
    • most of them have very limited functionality.
  • How to use ElfGems?
    Generally sequence is simple:
    • Create or buy a 3D model. It can be animated or not.
    • Convert it to Ogre3D mesh format using OgreMax converter.
    • Open the converted model in ElfGems.
    • Configure sprites.
    • Render sprite sheets.
    Look at a tutorial for details.
  • How to get ElfGems?
    For now you can get a free working prototype. It has no limitations and is enough for many cases. A fully functional version will be released later.
  • I need a special feature. How I can request it?
    Send your request to elfgems.com.